Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going the distance

Well,after 1 month menahan nafsu sosial sempena bulan ramadhan kini telah kembali.welcome back!today,me with syira hit to sunway to get something for 1 of our gal for her birthday.Quite hard to find her present because she is not too 'her' and not too 'him'.After get that thing,we decided to menonton wayang.U all know what,weird lak jln kt sunway cz dh lame xg sane.,maklumlh.puase..!
(Going the Distance)Wow,i just can say,this movie was AWESOME....Justin Long and Drew Berrymore mmg tip top.but movie ni 18+ k..WARNING,Adik2 bawah umur di larang menonton.!
Sumpah,movie ni is so so so funny,so so so romantik and so so so sweet.cair mak auw!Long love distance,Justin stay kt New York and Drew stay kt San Francisco tp quite long gak they'r couple.

p/s: OPKIM for part 5 akan d postpone on 8th october 2010.sigh*

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