Wednesday, November 18, 2009

--if i have a power--

What power i want????'diod nx cepatkn mase yg da skrg nie..wahh..i can be in heroes next season..don miss it kwn2..hahahaha..why i want tiz power???

1.Boring sgt n dun no wat 2 do rite now
2.K.ina blk next week n wif her i have a lot things 2 do..FUN..!!
3.Ma work so diod xde kwn nx gosip
4.Damb much miss buddy kt shh alam.nx merongeng.Miss u ALL..!!!
5.Bff xblk lg..miss nx brhibur ngn kowg
6.Gonjeng siblings will 2gether cz sume da(loloq,totot,yabun n diod)
7.School holiday..mimi(beloved nephew)will stay kt kulai,so i can play wif mimi
8.Addicted nx swimming
9.Rindu AMP..mau karoke..huhu
10.A lot of new muvee akan kuar

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