Friday, July 16, 2010


NBC Announcement: CHUCK Returns September 20th, 2010!A new season is almost upon us! Or so it feels with the season 4 premier being only 2-months away. Unlike with season 3, where fans waited 9-months between seasons, this time the wait is less than HALF that.Shooting of season 4 begins Monday, July 19th. That means the cast will have SOMETHING new to talk about at San Diego Comic Con 2010 which begins in one week.. fav series akan muncul xlame sudah rindu mau mnonton cte nie..klaw korg tgk,msti korg kate chuck ni bodoh tp for me chuck still cute with his geek face,tall n messy hair..but in this show,i really2 love to see sarah walker (Yvonne Strahovski) as a gorgeous agent.dye pnye action,fuhh..gilak r.real..walaupn cte action tp ati dye ttp ade taman.jom tgk cte sudah brhabis duit mnyimpan koleksi dvd series nie until the new sudah pengaruh n hasut 'mak2' team tgk cte mak ewel(dian)sdg dlm proses n mak rempit(atin)akan mnyusul..commonn buddy..!!!

p/s:2minggu cabaran kloggs dan bliss..

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