Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Long time no see this page.quite rindu lh.bukan pe,just agak busy n malas nx bukak lattop,double klik google,taip blogspot.com and tekan huruf2 yg sedia ada.even fb pn,xlayan sgt.when all the lazy s*** go.please..!

btw,i just want to say,'I've new 'adik' hasil hubungan sulit Mr.Jack n Mrs.Jack a.k.a Mary'..and mine is the last one.I named it Paul sempena name paul wesley..haha..Pic yg 1st belong to my dad,Jimmy and the 2nd one,Aboy,my 2nd sis punye.cute gile n parsi lagi.To mreka2 yg try minta tue,sorry k..Kelahiran ke-2 nnt,insyALLAH kami bg.

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