Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Just now,
'something2' team hit to seksyen 24 to eat steamboat sbgai tatapan brbuka pose..Thanxxxxxx to syira cz blanja kami tp syira xpose pn.Memandangkn syira sgt starving nx mkn steamboat,so kami layankn shj.Siap snggup blnja.Caya r syira..About the steamboat,RM25.50 per person charge but air xkire skali.so plus air bout rm30 per person.Not bad lh cz b4 this mkn steamboat wif myfamilia cost RM45-50 per person.So worth it lh cz kt c2 pn lbih kurang same je menu-menu yg ade.

Suddenly,sifat shopping syira dtg so she ask me and zu g uptown cr brg.She bought a purple sling bag n some kameja purple juga cz she's mmg hantu purple pn.Almost all her stuff wrna purple..eee..euww,purple.Why dun u choose RED syira.i likeee..hehe..Then balik dgn segera cz zu da discussion with her group member for research methodology.Pity zu cz group kami dh siap.Dun be jealous k..huhu..

Here the Restaurant





p/s: After raya,hiking bermula d Gunung Senyum,Pahang..yeahh..

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